Godliness is the state of being obedient  to God and His commandments regardless of any religious faith, beliefs, cultures, traditions or practices one person embraces. To practice Godliness means to value all things,  and duty-bound to respect the rights and freedom of all.

As public servants, we commit to be God-centered and further do:
Render our service with dignity and pride.
Treat everyone with equity, compassion and respect.
Humble ourselves as instruments of God’s godliness.
Practice desirable work behavior.

We focus on our customer’s needs
We believe that we are accountable to the public we serv.e
We continue to surprise our customers by creating and innovating ways beyond their expectations.
We continually improve our processes and competencies.
We uphold excellence in our work performance.

We perform our functions beyond office hours.We give priority to our work responsibilities over personal concerns.
We cultivate our knowledge, skills and attitudes continuously to achieve excellence.
We provide our services with sincerity always aiming for the best.
We ensure to accomplish our tasks on time.

We recognize and accept each other’s talents, capabilities, limitations and weaknesses.
We contribute our talents, time and other resources without reservation.We encourage critical thinking and engage in open discussion to come up with team decisions.
We value every output as a shared effort and celebrate it.
We support each other.

We acknowledge our limitations and we are open to new learning We are aware that new learning is a continuous process and we are willing to accept new challenges.
We believe that once empowered, we can do better than our best.
We recognize that every employee has the capacity to change in response to the needs of the customers.
We welcome feedback and address them appropriately.