Citizen Charter for Birth Services is available for viewing (PDF).
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A. Registration of Birth – Timely Registration (Image JPG format)
1. Born at a Birthing Institution to Married Couples
2. Born at a Birthing Institution to Unmarried Couples
3. Born at Home to Married Couples
4. Born at Home to Unmarried Couples

B. Registration of Birth – Delayed Registration

1. Born at a Birthing Institution
1.a Married Couples
1.b Unmarried Couples (6 y.o. below)
1.c Unmarried Couples (7 y.o. & above)

2. Born at Home
2.a Married Couples
2.b Unmarried Couples (6 y.o. below)
2.c Unmarried Couples (7 y.o. & above)

3 Born before August 2, 1988 to Unmarried Couples
3.a At a Birthing Institution
3.b At Home