GENERAL SANTOS CITY, 26th of September 2022 — The office of the Local Civil Registrar facilitated the "Kasalan Ng Bayan Sa Setyembre." The City Mayor, Hon. Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquiao, solemnized 18 couples at Venue 88 Hotel and Events Place, Dacera Avenue, Barangay San Isidro, General Santos City.

The Kasalan Ng Bayan Sa Setyembre is the first Kasalan ng Bayan administered by City Mayor Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquiao. As part of the opening amenities, the couples and guests were welcomed immediately upon entering the venue. They confirmed their attendance by registering their names. Along with it were the distribution of the couples’ rings, the brides’ bouquet, and food stubs. Ms. Renna Mae P. Leyga gave a brief orientation to the eighteen couples about the proper decorum for the wedding ceremony.

The nuptial ceremony started with a processional march. It begins with the entrance of the Solemnizing Officer, City Mayor Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquiao, followed by the Local Civil Registrar Department Head, Ms. Nenita Flores-Ellivera. While the grooms waited on the side of the aisle for their brides, the bride would walk down the hall, closer to the grooms, to meet them.

The program proper began as the prayer faded in the background, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. When guests were seated, Ms. Nenita Flores-Ellivera, Department Head, delivered her warm welcome message. She was followed then by the Solemnizing Officer, Hon. Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquaio, who gave her opening remarks about the eighteen couples. She reminded them of the joy and beauty of marriage.

The Solemnizing Officer asked the eighteen couples to recite their vows to one another. Moving on with the wedding vows, the exchanging of rings is an important part. The couple places their wedding rings on their partner’s finger. This symbolizes the commitment two people make to each other on their wedding day. Furthermore, the groom and bride shared their Arrhae. This symbolizes the groom’s commitment to caring for his bride and their home. With the rings exchanged, it’s time for the pronouncement of marriage.  The big moment arrives as the 18 newlyweds share their first kiss as married couples. After the couples made the wedding vows and traditions, the marriage certificates were signed by the 18 newly wed and by the solemnizing officer, City Mayor Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquiao. Hon. Mayor Lorelie Geronimo-Pacquiao shared her inspirational message. She then announced that she would help the newlyweds receive livelihood assistance.

The LCRO gave tokens of appreciation to the couple who first complied with the requirements, the ones who first arrived at the venue, and the longest couple living together. Ms. Marlene C. Pelayo, LCR Assistant Department Head, delivered the closing remarks.



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