GENERAL SANTOS CITY, 20th day of July 2022 — Mr. Benjo Emmanuel Sargado and Mr. Ruvern Cris Vecina shared their acquired knowledge from the KATROPA Orientation they attended. Mr. Sargado re-echoed the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace with the Local Civil Registry Office.

Sexual harassment is defined as an unwanted sexual approach, an unwanted request for sexual favors, or any unwanted sexual behavior that offends, humiliates, or intimidates a person in a situation where a reasonable person would expect that response.

Workplace sexual harassment occurs when a supervisor, or agent of an employer, or any other person who has authority over another in a work environment imposes sexual favors on another, which creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for the latter (LBC Express v. Palco, G.R. No. 217101, February 12, 2020).

Some of the factors emerging may indicate a potentially hostile environment, including the display of obscene or pornographic materials, general sexual banter, crude conversation or innuendo, and offensive jokes.


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