GENERAL SANTOS CITY (June 25, 2022) - The Office of the Local Civil Registrar had a clean-up drive along the coastline of Queen Tuna Park, Barangay Dadiangas South to participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Local Government Unit of General Santos City.

Volunteers from the LCRO arrived at the cleanup locations as early as six in the morning. While participating in the cleanup effort, volunteers wore face masks and face shields and adhered to standard health and safety procedures.

Biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and residual wastes were all collected by volunteers who picked up waste along the shorelines. Additionally, garbage was gathered from the neighborhood.

By improving the water quality, we can better protect our marine ecosystems. There won't be any life at all when our waters are polluted because this would cause enormous harm. Home is where behavior change begins.

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