Mental health matters for public servants!

Currently, mental health issues are a major contributor to many physical issues, such as stress and exhaustion, which all result in employees lack of motivation and subpar organizational performance.

Good mental health at work is a topic that is coming up increasingly. It is now understood that job pressures have an impact on both an individual's overall well-being and performance outcomes. The general consensus in society is that sustaining excellent physical health is important for maintaining good mental health.

During the last quarter’s Operations Review one of the findings showed that some LCR employees were becoming mentally drained, stressed , and overwhelmed on the loads of tasks. Because of this, the department agreed for a Health Care Day, where employees would choose to have their one working day break from the work responsibilities and enjoy a mental break.

Employees were encouraged to do activities that could give them mental rest and wellness, such as, they would go to places that could give them tranquility and do a mindfulness; they would have their mental and physical exercises; have digital break;  and the likes that could give you mental therapy.

While it strives to promote awareness of the value of healthy coping mechanisms, it may also be a great method for employees to connect with oneself and learn new, healthy ways to take care of their mental health.

In conclusion, organizations that operate in the current competitive environment have been compelled to put methods in place that reduce employees workload while simultaneously boosting their levels of contribution, wellbeing, and, ultimately, organizational performance. Work-life balance, motivation, interpersonal relationships, and retention tactics, among other employee-based initiatives, all play a significant part in assisting employees with mental health issues to positively contribute to the overall organizational productivity.

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