GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 28, 2022) - The Waste Management Office (WMO) conducted an  Orientation on the Proper Use of Healthcare Waste Bin in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of General Santos City. This is pursuant to R.A. 9003 which aims to raise awareness about the importance of sorting waste and doing so in a systematic way that protects public health.

Mr. Ursulito Andoy, the resource person for the orientation, discussed the proper use of the health care waste bin and the responsibilities of each individual in the Local Civil Registrar Office on the appropriate disposal of the health care waste bin. He reminded everyone that people must put face masks, face shields, and tissues in the container provided by the Waste and Management Office.

Ms. Marlene C. Pelayo, the Assistant Department Head of LCR, inquired about where LCR staff should place the healthcare waste bin. Mr. Ursulito Andoy responded that they must put the healthcare waste bin outside the office because the virus might disperse in a cool area. He also added that it would be much better if we placed the container outside the office in the open air with sunlight.

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