GENERAL SANTOS CITY (February 24, 2022)

Photo Credit: Zap Buffet Gensan Facebook Page


Everyone was elated at the Robinson’s Place as the yearly solemnity, Kasalan sa Araw ng mga Puso last February 14, 2022, has successfully ended, led by the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) of General Santos City.

On February 24, ten days after the fruition of Kasalan on Valentine’s Day, the LCR staff conducted their well-deserved celebration at Zap Buffet Gensan, Zapote Street, Barangay Dadiangas East, and General Santos City.

It was a consensus idea to have a chill night-out after office hours. Everybody was delighted to celebrate such a milestone with unlimited conversation over unlimited food, which was the best reason for an impromptu team building of the LCR Department.

The buffet served unlimited meat for a Samgyupsal session, plus different kinds of side-dishes. The place was dimly lit, and it oozed with a homey vibe. It gives the perfect ambiance for a relaxing kind of celebration where everyone is engrossed in conversation and laughter shared after a whole day of work. It was certainly, a perfect moment to loosen up, and a fine treat for a group of hard-working and passionate individuals.

“Deserve natin ‘to!”

Just like one of the fellow LCR staff, she emphasized that the whole team deserves the treat after an arduous preparation for the event.  Each and every one played a vital role in the success of the Kasalan, and the last thing they wanted to experience was a deep sigh of happiness over appetizing food on the table.

They said the way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs. Truth be told, through this night-out activity, the invisible bond tied each one’s hearts closer to one another, even more.

This night may end. The successful celebration may come to pass. The conversation and laughter may fade, but the enduring positive values of unity and the spirit of cooperation that inspire the Local Civil Registry community will last.

Cheers! This is to more milestones and goals to be achieved, hand in hand.

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