GENERAL SANTOS CITY (SEPTEMBER 13, 2021) – The long wait is over after the industry-grade server of LCR General Santos City was finally delivered in the second quarter of 2021. The server was originally set up at Room 6 (Administrative Office) but relocated to Room 3 specially allocated as the LCR Server Room. With the configuration completed, the server-based PhilCRIS was officially installed to centralize the encoding of birth, marriage, and death certificate preparation. The PhilCRIS admin enrolled all regular staff of LCR-General Santos with their username and default passwords created subject for change. As of September 9, 2021, there are eight and ten wordstations at Room 1 and Room 5, respectively, installed with PhilCRIS connected to the main server at Room 3. This means that transmission of birth, marriage, and death civil registry documents can be retrieved from the server and sent to PSA for the monthly report. However, the most challenging part of adopting the centralized PhilCRIS encoding is the number of documents being processed on a daily basis against the number of encoders.

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