GENERAL SANTOS CITY (JULY 19, 2021) – The LCR-GSC version of its queuing system was designed to cater to its own internal stakeholders. Unlike other queuing systems, LCR-GSC’s version is centralized at Room 1 and sends the queued number to a television screen outside the office and along the makeshift canopy where customers wait for their turn to be called by the system. Since the office’s touchscreen and POS printer for priority numbers are not delivered yet, the PACD or the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk, who prepares and distributes the priority numbers to the customers on a first-come first-serve basis. There are five windows serving the customer’s requests are in the following order:

Window # 1: Marriage
Window # 2: Birth
Window # 3: Death
Window # 4: Certified True Copy
Window # 5: PCDLI 

This window assignment is temporary in nature to promote physical and social distancing and to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. With this setup, limited spaces, and network connectivity inside Room 1, desktop computers are not practical to be set up per window at this time, as windows serving the customers are mostly interview in nature. Thus, the programming of the queuing system is based on these needs. 



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