(February 14, 2021) – The Office of the Local Civil Registrar strictly observed the safety protocols during the entire wedding ceremony. Seventy-five couples who participated in the event were checked upon entry at the Robinsons Place atrium. Assigned LCR staff while verifying the couple’s names and their sponsors, they were instructed to practice safe physical distancing. While the guard on duty required the wearing of face mask and shield followed by the thermal scanning for febrile or afebrile guests.  Registration tables were situated a meter apart between the LCR staff who double-checked the marriage certificate entries. Sitting arrangements of the couples were likewise ensured that a distance is allocated among the couples and their sponsors who were divided into two groups situated at the right and left sides with couples seated at the center atrium. Frequent reminders were given by the host of the show for the basic health protocols as a continued promotive and preventive measures against any droplet, contact, or airborne spread.  In general terms, the LCR staff, the couples and their sponsors, honorary guests, and the mall’s  personnel, all practice the health protocols required by the local Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases through the City Health Office. “Our priority is safety!”

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