GENERAL SANTOS CITY (July 10, 2020) — The Office of the Local Civil Registrar completed its January to June 2020 operations review. Amidst the pandemic crisis , the mid-term presentation of accomplishments and setting of future plans  pushed through within the office premise last July 10, 2020 after the morning prayer and health and wellness activity.

Mr. Dexter Imperial presented the accomplishment of the records division highlighting the outstanding performance based on the actual number of completed tasks. He further laid down the plan for a comprehensive records management through the installation of the proposed civil registry electronic archiving management information system.

Ms. Jennifer Gabayeron showcased the marriage division’s comprehensive and historical data related to marriage certificates and licenses issued. There were months especially in April and May where the numbers declined sharply due to the COVID-19 pandemic threat. The crisis crippled the opportunity of couples to get married, thus, the decrease in number of issuances. Click here to see the chart.

Ms. Jocelyn Bautista With the technical assistance of Mr. Elizalde Gulle, Jr. demonstrated the result and outcome of the birth and death transactions. The records of birth had no significant changes rather followed a contract decrease from January to April and regained its steady increase from April to June 2020. The deaths did not follow a trend caused by the crisis but rather fluctuated in numbers. Click here to see the birth chart. Death.

The event was hosted by Ms. Dancelyn Villote from the administrative unit who demonstrated the accomplishment report in line with the general administration of the office. Discussion on plans and solutions were included. Deadlines for the submission of reports for the OPCR and IPCR were also emphasized.

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