The new logo of LCR General Santos is designed to represent the programs and activities of the office. The main mandate is to provide civil registration to its customers and generate vital statistics for the government.

It was conceptualized to merge the new logo of LGU General Santos and the traditional symbol of civil registration, the “Quill”, used by our forefathers in the process of recording documents on paper. The rays of the sun depicts its  services beyond its borders; it brings hope against any challenge that may come its way and brightens the picture of everyone who deserves the right to be registered.

The complex buildings show steady growth and development of the city and are ready to embrace the 4th industrial revolution. The blue color of Mt. Matutum represents the official color of the Philippine Statistics Office where the major LCR functions emanate. PSA soars high to oversee these functions and for the city to achieve its goal and aspiration to get every “General” in the picture by bringing the civil registration closer to its people by 2025.

This logo was first used in the submission of the 2020 1st Quarter Report to PSA in April 2020.

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