The strategic planning morning session at the office of LCR Gen Santos City.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 29, 2020) –  While waiting for an updated local executive order by City Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera, the LCR General Santos prepares for the “new reality” in transacting business in the new General Community Quarantine (GCQ)  policy which will be released late today or early tomorrow, April 30, 2020.

Windows of major transactions, birth, death or marriage, have plastic demarcation to physically segregate the employees from the customers to avoid contact while the pHysical or social distancing between and among the customers are maintained in the queue lines.

Ms. Nenita F. Ellivera, CGDH-II, spearheaded the office health and safety renovation while the coronavirus is not totally eradicated. Ms. Ellivera is joined by energetic equally creative select staff of the Local Civil Registrar’s Office, this city.

More power Team LCR!

The execution of the plan done in a day.